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Corporate Development

Far East Organization is committed to building the capacity and capability of our human infrastructure and to equip them to meet the demands of the new international marketplace. Every year, the Organization invests about $4 million to the training and development of our workforce.

The Organization has in place a diverse range of initiatives aimed at nurturing executives and aligning them with our core values. Through regular dialogues and workshops, the senior management engages first-line leaders on our operating ethos, business imperatives and collective performance goals. The Leadership Speakers Series, a flagship executive development programme, invites external leaders in various fields to share their leadership stories with the management staff. There are also various communication programmes to build business knowledge and understanding, as well as foster esprit de corps in the organization.

It set up Far East Academy in 2011 with the objective to nurture enterprising leaders who imbibe the Organization’s values and philosophy to lead the company to become an entrepreneurial organisation. 

A key focus of the Far East Academy is to develop a capable and effective middle management as they interface with the Organization’s customers, business partners, public sector agencies and other stakeholders. Far East Organization aims to foster an organizational environment where its leaders and executives challenge themselves with their personal vision, leadership and action. 

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