5 Great Reasons To Move To Holland District

Known as the ‘Bohemian enclave’ of Singapore, Holland Village is a bustling neighbourhood that transforms into a vibrant entertainment district at night. In fact, there’s a lot more to this diverse neighbourhood than meets the eye. Here are our 5 great reasons to move here: 

1. Food, Food, Delicious Food

Food is easily Singapore’s number 1 obsession and Holland Village doesn’t disappoint. You can practically take a gastronomical trip around the world by walking around the neighbourhood. 

A neighbourhood full of great meals
• Go local with cheap and delicious meals for as low as $4 at the Holland Village Market & Food Centre, or try unique Singaporean twists on classic favourites, like laksa spring rolls1.
• Fill up with delicious Japanese ramen, mouth-watering Korean grilled meats, and scrumptious Chinese cuisine.
• Sample authentic Mexican food or equally authentic Italian cuisine like an Italian grandmother might make.
• And here’s a little known-secret of Holland Village: you can find some of the most authentic North Indian cuisine2 here.

Plenty of sweets to find
If you want to indulge your sweet tooth, you’ll find plethora of places to choose from:
• There are plenty of pastries to savour, with both Western and Asian bakeries dotting the neighbourhood.
• If you want to go a little healthier, there are also places that offer desserts loaded with superfoods like acai beans and chia seeds.
• And don’t forget our local delicacies, available in numerous cafés and restaurants about Holland Village.

holland village cafe food

2. Raise a glass

Who doesn’t love a good drink? Holland Village abounds with restaurants, cafes and pubs that serve up a great brew3

Great drinks galore
• You can’t go wrong with a good deal. There are a number of great restaurants and pubs offering cheap booze and sweet 2-for-1 deals.
• If you love German beers, and food, you’ll find plenty of German restaurants and bierhäuser in the neighbourhood. 
• Love a good cocktail? With bars serving both classics and unique concoctions, it’s not hard to find a cocktail that’ll suit your taste.
• The Japanese might be better known for their sushi but their alcoholic drinks are nothing to sneeze at. You can find restaurants that’ll serve sake and Japanese beer towers to go along with your rice bowls. 
• And you can’t forget the iconic Wala Wala, which has been serving great drinks, food and music since 19935.

3. Embrace Mother Nature
Just a short drive away from Holland Village lies one of Singapore’s first UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Founded in 1859, Singapore Botanic Gardens sprawls over 92-hectares4, plenty of space for you to relax and unwind.

Have fun outdoors
• The Learning Forest has a network of boards and elevated paths from where you can explore a whole host of habitats, ranging from wetlands to rainforests.
• You can drop by the events the Gardens regularly host, from picnics to educational tours.
• If you’re feeling peckish, there is a good selection of food and beverage outlets scattered throughout. 

4. Indulge Yourself
A stroll through Holland Village reveals an eclectic mix of premium boutiques and old-school shops that contain unique items you can’t find elsewhere in Singapore.

A unique shopping trip
For a taste of times past, visit the Holland Village Shopping Centre. With its kaleidoscope of shops, you could find a hidden gem you’ll be hard pressed to find elsewhere.
Holland Village doesn’t disappoint with its fashion selection. Whether you’re just wandering down the street or browsing the fashion boutiques at Chip Bee Gardens, you’ll find something to suit your style. 
Fall in love with beautiful art pieces or modern porcelain creations that could add a touch of elegance and colour to your home.

holland village shopping centre


5. Instagram-Worthy

If you move here, you won’t have to travel far to add beautiful photos to your Instagram. This photogenic neighbourhood offers you plenty of opportunities to stage your own fun photoshoot:


Always camera-ready

• Love vintage appeal? There are bungalows built in the 1920s that are beautifully preserved, located in Holland Park6.
• Enter MOE’s Heritage Centre and you’ll stumble into a hidden museum filled with all sorts of nostalgia-inducing paraphernalia that’ll take you back to your school days7.

• Walk around Holland Village and you’ll soon find eye-catching murals that are definitely worthy of a photo8. There are all sorts of different art styles so be sure to keep your eyes peeled.

Holland Village is a neighbourhood of contrasts. You’ll find old-school right beside new, international mixed in with local, every-day and high-end. Whatever appeals to you, one thing is certain: there will never be a dull moment if you live here.


holland village wall mural





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