Parksuites: Discover the smart gadgets in your home

Technology for smarter living

Singapore is making steady progress towards becoming a smart nation. But what’s really in it for you and me?

Many things, actually. Realising this vision will improve everyday life in many ways; from the convenience of cashless transactions, to smart sensors that make Singapore more liveable and secure, to a more efficient daily commute.

But closest to our hearts has to be smart home technology. While home is the abode we return to daily for comfort and shelter, a smart home offers quite a bit more. Connected to various pieces of smart tech, it becomes an always-on assistant; helping with security, deliveries, entertainment and many other aspects of home life.

Parksuites at Holland Grove Road Green LivingParksuites Holland Grove Road


This all sounds great. But being relatively new, smart homes aren't yet widely found in Singapore. You may be interested to know the smart home tech will be a standard feature in Parksuites, a new residential development located in a charming district of Holland Grove Road. Developed by Far East Organization, each Parksuites home will come with 5 smart features to make life easier. 

Parksuites Holland Grove Road
  1. Not home for deliveries? No problem!
  2. Get a parcel lock that’s particularly useful for busy families on the go. You won’t have to miss a delivery even if everyone’s at work, at school or out with friends. Just ask the delivery guys to give you a ring when they arrive. You can then unlock the parcel cabinet remotely using your pre-installed smartphone app for the delivery man to deposit your packages. Once the parcel is deposited, you can re-lock the cabinet to keep your delivery secure.

  3. Monitor your home from anywhere
  4. There’s an IP (Internet Protocol) camera you can install either outside your home to deter would-be trespassers; or inside to keep an eye on pets, elderly family members and general home security.

  5. 5 different ways to unlock your front door
  6. Parksuites’ digital door locks can be unlocked using either your fingerprint (no more having to remember your keys); a number code or access card (which you can give to visiting friends and family); your mobile phone (unlock remotely when you have visitors or unlock when your mobile phone is detected, which is convenient when you have your hands full); and of course, the traditional physical key.

  7. Control your lights from across town
  8. Turn the smart lights on and off using your mobile phone from anywhere – be it from bed just before you fall asleep or when you’re halfway around the globe. Parksuites will come with smart home controls for one light point. You can easily add more to best suit your needs and convenience.

  9. Cool the house down before you get home
  10. Control the smart air-conditioning system remotely with your phone – great for getting your home nice and cool while you’re making your way back on a hot day.

Though basic, these smart features are able to improve day-to-day life in ways that may soon become indispensable. Residents at Parksuites can also add more pieces of tech to these first five features, in order to build smart homes that best fit their lifestyles.


To enjoy smart living, park living and more - learn about Parksuites here.

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