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Working through the National Parks Board (NParks), Singapore’s government has developed many green areas and parks across the island over the years. This project is far from done - efforts continue to enhance and link these parks, creating a verdant network that can help make Singapore happier and healthier.

That’s right - happier and healthier: park spaces do more than just beautify Singapore. They serve a range of functions from collecting rainwater and preventing floods to reducing air pollution and cooling the city.

On an individual level, parks can help boost mental health by offering a stress-lowering environment in which to exercise or simply relax. The clean air and inviting greenery also create a pleasant environment which gives people more incentives to engage in healthy physical activities.

Parksuites at Holland Grove Road Green Living Parksuites Holland Grove Road

Another important benefit which is especially relevant in today’s cosmopolitan Singapore is the way parks serve as communal areas. It is a place where people leading hectic lives can escape, slow down and get to know their neighbours and communities.

Parksuites Holland Grove Road

A new residential development at Holland Grove in District 10 is looking to expand the ways that parks can benefit its surrounding communities. Developed by Far East Organization, Parksuites is inspired by park-scapes and designed to make the surrounding Henry Park an integral part of the residents’ living experience.

Beyond offering tranquil green spaces at the doorstep, Parksuites also closely integrates an eclectic selection of F&B and specialty retail outlets into the park environment – making them available not just to its residents, but to its surrounding community as well. This provides even more reasons for everyone to come together at the green central node of Henry Park.

Planned around the natural beauty of the existing Henry Park, Parksuites maximises the number of units which offer views of the park. This is an uncommon thing in a place like Singapore, where it is inevitable that our living environment is becoming more built up with concrete structures with fewer spaces dedicated to greenery. 

Parksuites Holland Grove Road Garden View

Beyond preservation, Far East Organization is also committed to carrying out upgrading works to Henry Park, which includes introducing a new playground and a fitness station.

The living areas of Parksuites itself is designed to provide residents with a low-density, intimate community surrounded by beautiful park environments. Then, coming home daily from the greenery of Henry Park, they will enter homes that have been designed around the principles of Locale1, Connectivity2 and Space3.

1Locale refers to Parksuites’ prime location in the Holland Grove area. Just minutes’ drive from Holland Village, Dempsey Hill, Sixth Avenue and Orchard Road, it gives residents easy access to a selection of shopping and dining amenities; as well as arts, culture and lifestyle right in their own neighbourhood.

2Connectivity describes how conveniently located Parksuites is. It’s close to both the Holland Village and Buona Vista MRT Stations; and just a few minutes’ drive from the One North business park and the National University of Singapore. Closer to home, it’s also directly connected to retail and dining options at level 1 of the development. 

Finally, 3Space  is about Parksuites’ emphasis on closely integrating greenery with living spaces. By making the park an intimate part of residents’ lifestyles, it has created an everyday getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. In this sanctuary, one can find a green, tranquil space in which to reconnect with nature, the community and one’s own self.

Parksuites Holland Grove Road Balcony View

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